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Monday, September 07, 2009

How's it going???

My first week is over and I am all the smarter for it! What a great way to feel after my first week of entering NUIG as a mature student. I suppose I can use the word 'mature' lightly as I was neither the eldest or youngest of the group, but more happily plonked right in the middle of a bunch of pretty cool people from all over the world. Yes, not just Irish people - quite a diverse bunch are we!

My first day or two were a little overwhelming actually. I was really pre-occupied the first day as it was Jack's first day at school (Rory's too - but she is a veteran at this stage), it would also have been my Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary (38 years - I think) and I still never know what to do on this one, because Dad has been dead ten years this year. Mum is still alive and kicking however. Note to everyone out there - do not ignore it. It is still the most important day of my Mum's life (aside from the day she had me of course!) and even though we are all madder than hell with Dad for not sticking around (may he rest in peace) it should still be celebrated as such. Sorry Mum........................

By the end of the 2nd day I was hypnotised (literally) into thinking that I could change the way I study and learn at University. We had a hypnotist for the entire day retraining our ways of thinking and helping us adjust to a new style of Memory Techniques. It was actually really really interesting and I am certainly going to utilise some of those techniques I learned when it comes time to start studying for all these exams I will have!
Day 3 was spent in the company of a guy that looked like the dude from Sex and the City (think his name was Aiden) and this was a most interesting day indeed. This lecturer/writer was from somewhere in County Mayo (that is cool in itself as most of my family were born in Mayo) and spoke with an accent that reminded me of my Sisters husband Tom (years ago) before he moved to France and became so posh! Anyway, this guy was lecturing us on academic writing, telling us the best thing about college is that you go in with an empty mind and come out with an open mind! I really hope that I took solid notes and learned something from the day we spent with him - because I found out later that afternoon he is going to be my Creative Writing teacher. GAWD - I hope I did not make an idiot of myself!

So, after touring the old and new areas of campus and getting my feet very wet because it was raining most of the week - the general consensus is that National University of Ireland Galway, is probably the nicest University in the world, filled with a very engaging faculty that have very high expectations for their Mature Students and offer an amazing support system to each of us, in order to see us reach our full and true potential.

Feeling totally overwhelmed and under a fierce amount of pressure already!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


Anonymous said...

I studied at ucg a few (quite a few) years ago and your photos remind me of that time! Of course the new buildings weren't built then...
I remember the concourse and the porter's lodge. Please, please keep giving us news of your studies!
Oh, and I remember having wet feet and wet clothes quite often;-)

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