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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Up Close, and very personal....................

Oh - MY GOD! I am too old or too stupid for this nonsense! I swear, what the hell was I thinking when I decided (yes, by myself, and no one held a gun to my head) that I would be smart enough to not only go back to school to earn a degree, but think I could graduate too?????

OK - so maybe I am overstressed with all the family wedding business etc. from last week, and maybe I am blogging and procrastinating because I know I have to hand in some homework that may or may not be done to the best of my ability - but come on!

I found out last week that ALL EXAMS are HANDWRITTEN??? Only one thing to say here -WTF????? I do not have any rhythm or flow to my writing when I hand write. I can't get my juices flowing with an ink pen??? Is there a doctor I can see for this literary impotence that I suffer from?? There are loads and loads of writers that are the complete opposite - they cannot get their game on without a piece of lovely paper seeping black ink on the page..............stimulates their every essence of writing........................... I am not one of those people. Am I alone?? Will there be others alongside me in the English Exam faced with a TWO HOUR PAPER suffering from writers block because we have been torn away from our trusty tap tap keyboards??

After a rotten attempt to practice and practice and practice with the old handwriting and inky paper thing, I found no enjoyment or love for the drivel I wrote only frustration and disgust over my lack of inspiration that was blocked because I could not feel the heat from my little red laptop that I had hidden away for the weekend.

Upon returning from a few days off on Inishboffin Island for my brothers wedding - I decided to collect my rubbish from the bin and throw a few efforts at getting it all typed up and orderly and see what came from it.

You be the judge!
Going Home
Grey dark clouds came all too fast
Greens and blues of ice water, blast.
Mist and fog may never clear,
Summers gone and Winter's near.
Autumns where we stay for now
whilst heavy leaves lighten on boughs.
Skies are aching with heavy loads
and whipping winds will soon explode.

Comfort comes, so warm and nice
as homeland beckons, scents of spice.
Keys unlocking my front door,
throwing bags upon the floor.
Glowing flames, warm cheeks and nose,
Home sweet home, it's what we chose.
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


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