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Thursday, April 01, 2010

I almost killed my husband.............

It's true. I did. See the problem is, I am stressed right now. I am wrapping up my first year at University and have the pounding pressure of summer exams (18 days from now) on my mind. Having spent the last (almost) fifteen years of my life with this man I should 'know how he is' says he and none of this should 'rattle my cage'. Stress has put me over the edge................

The Chef has waaaaaay more positive attributes than negative ones, and I am not going to bore y'all with the good side of my longtime partner-in-crime. Something that he downright sucks at is paperwork and planning. (this works well in our relationship, because for the most part,  I am fairly organised).

We live by the 'College Calendar' these days, so after Christmas I gave him the dates for Easter so he could request his time off during our time off and we could enjoy a few days of doing nothing around the house together. This may sound like to a lot of you, but sometimes doing nothing around here ends up with us doing an awful lot because I over plan to nothing part and The Chef gets antsy with that! 

Over the last few weeks I have been lining up a few things for the 'honey do' list and even mentioned how nice it would be if he took 'Holy Thursday/Good Friday' off so we could have a little bit more time to get stuff done. My ever accommodating hubby told me that he had taken the extra few days off and that made my week. UNTIL Monday that is. When he (the heathen) informed me that his days off did not begin until NEXT WEEK and his week of holidays was April 12th (the day we all go back to school).

Technically, I am not sure what happens when you murder a husband in Ireland. I've never tried it, but probably some jail time. I bit my tongue, and ranted like a lunatic for a good twenty four hours until the sheepish chef came home with a crisp n'chilled bottle of white burgundy and a yummy dinner for two waiting for me (with the kids overnighting at Granny's). Aside from the fact I had already started to hate myself for my ranting and raving things only got worse when he told me he got his holiday dates straightened out too. 

So, I could not kill him. Why did I have to be reminded how lucky I am to have this man in my life. Why did I behave like a freaking lunatic, when I know that paperwork and planning is his downfall. Why?? Well, I guess because that's life folks. No one is perfect. I know this, I am no where near perfect, neither is my other half - but he is all mine. And even though I wanted to kill him, I could not afford to hire another chef now, could I!

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today (as I procrastinate even further)




You've every right to blow off steam.
It's great his work could accomodate him - most jobs would impolitely say 'go away'. Or is he the boss, maybe??!! ANyway, great it got sorted. Enjoy the hols and the choc and good luck with the exams.

WiseMóna said...

Thanks Nuala, Ron is a chef/baker at Morton's in Salthill. If you come up with the kiddies to the beach during the summer we could meet there for some treats n' sweets n' ice cream as it is just across the road from the beach. Roll on summer!


Woo! We love FOOD! If we are in the area we will let you know ;)

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