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Monday, March 07, 2011

Moving house...sort of

Hello there,

I have decided to move my Blog from Blogger to Wordpress.

I hope y'all will follow me on over there at

Thanks for tuning in,


P.S. Please remember to subscribe via the RSS or email subscribe button on the new site. I think I shifted it all in the right direction but am clueless when it comes to all that 'code is poetry' nonsense.Publish Post

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contrary Mary...yep, that's me today.

I know that a lot of spouses are feeling my pain. Many of you will shudder at the thoughts of climbing in to bed beside your partners tonight for fear of this happening. A long, unrestful night of SNORING. 

I have murderous thoughts when this happens. I sometimes feel that I should just get up and go downstairs to get away from it all, but I am usually too tired to do this, so I wait patiently for the snoring to subside. I try turning him over on his side, holding his nose and sometimes even putting a pillow over his head. And still he lives snores. Nothing works. It is not like it occurs every night of the week, just infrequently and until 3:30am last night.


You know, the kind of insanity like when you just get used to having a newborn. You are so sleep deprived it hurts to open your eyelids the next morning and no matter how you are woken, it is too early and you are too tired. END.OF.STORY. If only life, and those that are on my team, would go along with my wishes. 

Someone (that snores) sent this little birthday boy up the stairs this morning (the morning of my sleepless night) with a stainless steel bowl and a wooden spoon. The poor lamb was instructed to beat on it loudly in order to get 'Mommy out of bed for breakfast so we could get going'. This all happenened at 7:30am this morning. Smart little boy noticed that his father was not brave enough to go upstairs, so although he beat the bowl VERY LOUDLY he refrained from entering my bedroom. It is his birthday tomorrow. That is probably the only reason that he and his father are still alive this evening.

Why, if someone kept you awake all night with their snoring, would the offender not offer an olive branch in the form of a hot cup of coffee or a few pancakes. Why would a husband think that this banging of the bowl was such a good idea? There is no right answer here folks. The truth is that sometimes Men just don't think. The Chef included.

So off we went to a Poultry bring n'buy sale in County Limerick this morning. As we headed down the highway (with me at the wheel) the kids had the soundtrack from Glee playing one of my favourite tunes. You know the one with Gwyneth Paltrow singing Cee Lo Greens 'Fuck Forget You'? Yes. That allowed me to shake off my grumpiness just intime to notice what a gorgeous day it was and despite my tiredness, I persevered and ended up enjoying myself. (I am, after all - the last martyr standing).

With my eyes held open with a few toothpicks I was able to capture a few precious moments with the kids. Keepers for sure and they might even end up in a frame.

Not long after we returned home this afternoon I spent a few moments in the Chef's polytunnel watching his seedlings grow and I started to get very excited about the fact that Spring has really sprung and everything is starting to thrive.

We have had a fantastic few days of sunshine and despite the political mess the country has just gotten itself into, there is a new leader in office. He was elected by the people, so now the people must understand that there are consequences for their actions. Let's all hope that things can only get better?

I leave you this Sunday evening with sleep in my eyes and an early bedtime on the cards for me once I have put a dent in that gorgeous 'sorry' loaf the Chef pulled out of the oven.

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today,


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wandering WiseWords

Someone sneaky sent my blog in as a nominee for the Irish Blogger Awards coming up in March.

My WiseIrishBlog has been nominated for 'Best Personal Blog'.

I am rendered speechless to see this especially considering the competition I have.

Check out HERE all the amazing funny yummy blogs that I am lucky to be lined up beside.

Holy moley....

More later after I catch my breath, and BEST OF LUCK to all the Bloggers!


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