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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Irish Abalone

One of the many delights of being back home in Ireland is that I am constantly reminded how nice Irish people are! When I went to the market this morning I was greeted with so much 'Hi's and Hello's' from all the people we get our weekly supplies from, that it warmed my heart. When I went to the fish booth to get some fish for the Cioppino the Chef has been promising me, I was given a little gift from our friendly fisherman. Some tasty (live) Abalone.
Newsflash - there is an Abalone farm about an hours drive from us, out in Rossaveal, Connemara. (Rossaveal @53.263981,-9.557419)
This fish is affectionately nicknamed the 'Sea Slug' and several years ago the US government declared it on the endangered species list and passed a law to prohibit the fishing of this slug worldwide! So, up popped a few fish farms to meet the growing demand!

There a million and one ways to eat the tasty delicacy (raw being my favourite) but best to butterfly it and fry for 2 seconds in garlic butter. Deeeeeeeevine!

There is a danger of this getting rubbery like calamari, so stand over the pan, fry in a flash then eat it right away. Our fisherman was so generous to share this with us (and his other customers) as he exports 98% of his goodies. It takes 3 years (imagine how patient you would have to be) to grow one of these little guys to maturity! The going rate here in Galway if you wanted to buy them is about 60 euros a kilo. (That is over $80 per Kilo).

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


Anonymous said...

Abalone fishing is strictly regulated in France. You can only fish them at a certain time of the year and only as deep as your arm will diving allowed. I don't konw of any abalone farms...we are probably too happy to import Irish ones.
About the Irish, from my experience, what you say is absolutely true, I've never met so many people willing to go out of their way to help you out. And this happened to me more than once!

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