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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wise Movie Review

Slumdog Millionaire

WOW - this was an amazing movie. It is visually electrifying & exhilarating to begin with. The first few minutes you are sweeping over the slum lands of India and visually it is just unbelievable but very believable at the same time.

The film moves along at a breakneck pace and I know I am a sucker for a great fairy tale or love story, so yes, I was sucked in right away because the Director (Danny Boyle) was able to show a serious love connection between 2 very young Indian kids and how the never stopped loving each other, even though separated and reunited, and separated again!

Everything Boyle does, including the Bollywood touches (Which I LOVED) was fantastic. There is such a lovely energy to this film. It is a little disturbing and even very sad in parts, not to mention a little terrifying too because I kept worrying and thinking the whole way through that I would DIE if boy and girl did not hook up and be together.

What Boyle has done is truly AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! A story about a young boys life on the street in Bombay has turned into something very interesting - even to the masses. When you walk out of the cinema you will be giddy with excitement especially if you stayed to watch the end - Bollywood line dancing of all the cast members - I LOVED THIS PART TOO!

Do not put this one on the back burner. Really. It is worth the money at the movies (even though we downloaded ours!) "Slumdog Millionaire" is not to be missed. It is the best movie of the year. Maybe of the decade!

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



S.J. Martin said...

I am dying to see this movie. I've heard so many good things about it, then it won several awards last night. I'm hoping to see it this weekend. With 3 days off in mid-winter here, a movie sounds like a good idea.

(Oh, and I love the pictures of the puppy. Good job with the name, Rory!)

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